Day In Kindergarten

Since I'm the only child in kindergarten who can play the piano, other kids are sooooo jealous. It's not only that. I also have the most trendy shoes and clothes. They hate me because I have a big allowance and buy the best ice cream in the caffeteria.

Especially that one girl hates me! Once she took all the clay in the class room and the two ship toys out of the aquarium. She started to glue them together with the clay and when I asked her why she breaks toys, she said her mother is a welder and welds ships together like that. She's a bit slow.

But it's not a problem anymore because she told me today that her grampa fired her mother for using drugs. I guess he's more into herbal medicine and hates pharmaceuticals.

This other kid today took all the GI Joe figures but he didn't play with them. Instead he said he's a "quality kindergartner" (whatever that means). He didn't play with other kids or even by himself. He just walked around and watched other kids play, saying "good play" from time to time.

There was also this kid who said he knows how to play instruments, but he ran away.

I felt said for this one kid who divorced this girl who is not in our class anymore. She took all of his favorite toys and doesn't want to feed their hamsters. So he has to do it himself now.

There's more, but I can't type that much. I have to save my hands from work if I want to become a great musician some day

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