DEA busted my dispensary

I went to my local dispensary to get a new batch of 'medicine' for my back.  When I got there, the front door was replaced with plywood.  The sign still said "Open" so I knocked on the wood.  The receptionist pushed the door open to let me in.


It turns out local police, DEA, and the IRS broke the door down with a ram.  They came in, stripped the store of computers, paperwork, and product then left.  No arrests were made, no police report was published, and the case was labeled 'pending' and the records sealed.


Strange to see two federal and one local agencies involved with something like this.  What the dispensaries are doing is not within the letter of the law.  They make only a cursory effort to comply with the law against the sale of weed.  The 'donation' system they have would never hold up in court.


I talked to the owner (with the extreme birth defects(shoulder hands)) about what happened.  He said when he saw Obama say that the DEA had bigger problems to deal with than mess with people trying to get their medicine, he started working towards opening a dispensary in Vegas.  It looks like O's priorities changed or the Bush administrion guy he put in charge is not on the same page as him.


Five dispensaries got this same treatment.  No arrests.  They were not told to cease and desist.  They were open for business the next day.  I was forced to choose between only two strains (one indica and one sativa).  They were both, however, insane.  I opted for the Headband OG.  I left a good tip. 


Even though the computers were stolen, I don't have to check in or leave a record that I've been there.  I have to sign in when I enter, but I always sign my name "Robert Plant" so I'm reasonably sure that I'm free from liability.


I've sent an email to the White House to see what is up with the B-dog.  I'll let you know what he says.

Uploaded 09/11/2010
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