dead babys....

dont even ask y im writing a blog about dead babies cuz at this point im not entirely sure... i just decided i would...

so i cant really think of anything more interesting then dead babies... someone is gonna call me sick and twisted for this but i really dont care... so anywho... think about it ok? ur sittin on ur front step and allufa sudden a dude swan dives right in front of u and goes splat....your reaction? "woot? yo guys check out the dead guy..." but if its a dead baby that lands in front of you "holy shit? why the fuck did a dead baby fall out of the sky? what the fuck is up with the dead baby? holy shit! is it raining dead babies or sumtin?...."

how many dead babies does it take to paint a wall?

depends how hard u kick em... lol

and i distinctly remember sumtin like 3 blogs from a while ago about microwaving babies? now that shit is fucked..... so what would happen if you did nuke a baby? would his head explode? would it be like when they nuke a gremlin in the second gremlin movie? would the lil bugger just blow up? or would he melt like plastic or sum twisted shit like that? i dont fuckin know man.... but that shit is fucked up... im not rly lookin forward to havin babies.... but i cant wait to have kids..... b ut fuck babies man.....

now i wanna go choke a baby... omg my neighbour has a baby!!!!! omg omg omg... dont worry im not gonna choke the fuckin baby lol....

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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