deadsaid top ten beer list. add yours too.

as a homebrewer, and brewers assistant at a local brew pub i have learned my way around a good pint of beer.  the thing i love about beer is that it comes in so many styles and flavors.  there is really a beer out there for everyone.  i'm not here to bash any beer even budweiser.  in fact i hold the anheuser busch in very high esteem.  i personally don't like their beer, but they are the worlds greatest brewery without a question.  i aslo appreciate a good import even though i really only drink american.  i've tried beers from just about every corner of the globe and i still think you don't have to look outside the u.s boarders for a good beer of any style.  although i do love a good belgian or german brew.  anyway my top ten list for the best beers i've ever tried goes like this.

1o-seirra nevada's pale ale.

9-Lagunita's I.P.A.

8-Rogue-brutal bitter

7-Sam adam's noble pils

6-Deliruim nocturnum

5-Dog fish head's 90min I.P.A.

4-Victory hop devil

3-Great lake's brewing co's burning river

2-Bell's two hearted ale

1-Seirra nevada's estate ale.

let me know what your top ten is...i'm always looking for something new to try.              

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