Dearest SJG

Let's clear this up. I left. My girlfriend persuaded me to come check in... I did, two days after ZVUE's eviction notice came down, etc. In a way, it was wonderful timing. See, I didn't leave because of you. I left because the site was a hostile environment for all whom CJ didn't favor, and she'd threaten to ban one blogger or the other for attacking her flock, yet she'd let... people... like you do as they pleased, including the many blogs you rewrote that were clearly "inspired" by others written previously.

I returned and decided no hard feelings--ding, dong the Witch (CJ) is dead, proving herself an immature twit, and maybe I can help rebuild. Stranger things have happened. I never said shit to you, unless it was some accidental remark that was too funny to pass up. I do apologize if that was the case.

I noticed your blog (a rip-off of an earlier blog-I think it was Rednote's) where you threw in an insult at me. I called your bluff (since CJ isn't behind you holding your hand anymore) and so you write a blog in my honor. Thank you. For proving me right about who you are, for taking the time to hate someone far away for what? Not letting you win some blog war that was all in your mind? I don't know.

Looking back to December or whenever it was, I called you and several others out. When you acted as I presumed (trying to gain favor with the crowd, just as you are now, playing both sites--loving the protection of Empress Jennie and hoping for that power here) I dismissed you and your idiocy. When the piling up began and CJ sat by like a the crooked Frenchman in Casablanca I gave up and left.

So, finally, this is no battle blog, just a clarification. Any further bullshit from your department will be ignored on my behalf, so if you feel like throwing a tantrum, please do. I will simply sit back and smile.

By the way, though, I watched my Mother die, from breast cancer, when I was twelve. I was 15 when I found my Dad dead. My family all live in PA, I'm in New Mexico (except my cousin Gerald, he's inĀ  Michigan). I know, insults are a game. I prefer baseball.

P.S. To Wallboy: You don't merit much more than a sentence. You are incapable of comprehending what I write, so there's no point. God Bless King Obama and the Socialist Republic of Kalyphornya.

P.P.S. To miles and M wright: Thank you for your "support." I think. :)

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