Death with Letemdangle

It sure was interesting how a few souls indicated that I am one of the reasons for the blog section dying or an indication of that realization. Even some guy wrote a blog about my blog that has a prayer written in it,  calling me a hypocrite for praying in public as though I was doing it in real time. I guess he doesn't realize writing and prayer are two different acts.  

 I'll admit I am not a good writer, not a popular writer, not credible, I am capable of knee jerk reactions, enter into areas I am not expert in, do and write strange weird things, have copy pasted some articles, some with or without credit given, seem arrogant, self centered, ignorant, insulting, anti -American, to some I am a religious fanatic, believe in large bunnies that deliver chocolate.  I have been called a snob, a loser, an asshole, hypocrite, fat fuck, idiot, fake, faggot, and other colorful words. I've had people threaten to find me and beat me, even kill me. Most people don't like me, some hate me, many just ignore me. I spend far too much time here writing things that few read, that most disagree with. Some people say what I write is bullshit, I have a tainted view of the world, I am a conspiracy nut, listen to too much Alex Jones and read only from sites that are complete and utter bullshit. 

My writing here, rightly or wrongly, is under appreciated, not appreciated and generally is considered just another uninteresting blog by Letemdangle. More so, my blogs provide ammo for your dislike of me to fester, to keep it alive, to look for reasons to attack me or make fun of me.

And yet, here I sit with the smile of a Cheshire Cat, writing another classic blog. 

"There is no greater respect than that of yourself. If even the whole world should turn on you, love yourself, and love all of them"...... Letemdangle 


Uploaded 04/27/2012
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