Debt Crisis

It is bitter sweet to see that people are finally realizing the current administration is causing extensive damage to our country. Before you say that it wasn't all Obama's fault, that point is obvious and should not be an issue to those that pay attention. Enough time has passed that we should no longer be comparing Bush to Obama. It is time to start looking at the events and happenings for what they are.

It has become quite obvious that both the Republicans and the Democrats are driving this country into the ground. With the passing of the latest budget deal we now see that although both parties claim to be working with our best intentions in mind, they are not. Why would we continue to head down a path that has been proven to fail ten times out of ten? Our countries debt is no longer something that can be justified with a political ideology. It is at the point now where it is consuming the greater majority of our G.D.P. If we stay the current course our entire income as a country will be consumed with debt. At that point we are one natural or unnatural disaster away from being being thrust into a real depression the likes of which none of us are prepared for.

The stock market will continue to drop and there will continue to be a shortage of work unless we correct some very important problems that we have created for ourselves. Here are a few ideas. Please feel free to elaborate on the more, or let us know what ideas you have.

1.    E.P.A. (Environmental Protection Agency)

I believe in using the land responsibly and keeping it as pristine as possible. However the E.P.A. has enacted laws that have shut down entire industries in the United States costing millions of jobs.  Logging, construction, and Oil are a few major ones. The philosophy behind the environmentalists ideology is flawed. I understand that these industries create pollutants but the fact of the matter is, we are using these materials whether we get them here or from somewhere else. So if the materials are being used regardless, why wouldn't we put Americans to work harvesting these resources for Americans.  America has the largest known oil reserve in the world yet we continue to buy oil from middle eastern countries that fund terrorism. Agricultural water gets shut off to farmers causing entire crops to be lost for the sake of small fish. Entire construction sites get shut down because of insects. These few examples of the havoc the E.P.A. has created against our economy and our people can longer be tolerated. There are plenty of able bodied Americans unemployed that could be put to work in a number of industries that are currently suffocated by the E.P.A. Let's get our country working and fed before we spend too much time worrying about beetles.

The E.P.A. either needs to be disbanded or rolled back to nothing and started fresh.

2. Budget

We must spend no more money than we take in except for times of emergency or war. The government should not outgrow the economy.  Yes there would be sacrifices but the sacrifices that need to be made are not by the people. They are by the politicians, the large corporations not paying taxes and by the numerous unnecessary government agencies. Foreign aid should be something we give after our check book is balanced and we have the surplus to cover it. The fact that we give billions of dollars in foreign aid while we are trillions of dollars in debt is ridiculous. Fiscal responsibility should be an utmost priority.

3. End the wars

We are fighting two (official) wars at the moment costing Trillions of dollars and thousands of lives. We have been in Afghanistan for almost ten years and have nothing to show for it other than lost loved ones. Let's bring the troops home and place them on the southern border. This will save us billions of dollars and keep the drugs and illegal immigrants from coming to America. If you want to come to America than do it legally and pay your taxes.

I'm interested to hear what you all think.
Uploaded 08/05/2011
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