Decapitation WTF?

yeah so a couple of days ago some guy snapped on a greyhound bus and repetedly stabbed some guy. the man who did the stabbing was a mailman who delivered newspapers in Edmonton (which is about an hour from wher i live) and the guy he killed was a carnie on his way home to winnipeg.

so as the story goes the guys were sitting in the back seats of the bus, the victim was sleeping and then the rest of the passengers hear screams. they see that the guy is stabbing the other guy in the neck repeatedly, they all run off the bus and jamm the doors to keep him in there. he goes back to the back seat and continues to mutilate the body, after a while he returns to the front and starts waving the guys head at the other passengers. After the police come to arest him, they claim that there was some bite marks and the crazy guy tried to eat the other guy. this is fucking weird because the murderer was described as "a nice guy" by his imployer and the attack was unprovoked

Uploaded 08/04/2008
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