Decisions, Decisions!

Well, I was looking around in the eBaum's World store trying to decide what to get with my points.  The $10 Visa card was immediately out because I would have to spend $20 in gas to get to a store to use it.  SOOOoooo... I thought, "Hmmm...  it's between the T-Shirt Swag Pack and the Beanie Swag Pack if I want to cash in my points today.  I'd really like a t-shirt, but the beer glass and koozie looked pretty cool too.  Of course, if I went with the beer glass, I wouldn't get the condoms, which may come in handy.  Another option, I suppose, is to wait until I have 100,000 points and get the Mega Swag Pack.  That way, I could have all of them at once. 

The only problems that I can see in waiting are that

A) I would have to buy my own condoms while I wait for my points to increase


B) The way the economy is going, eBaum's World might go out of business before I get to use my points.

Hmmmm... should I take a gamble and wait for the Mega Swag Pack?  Then again, maybe I should get the t-shirt so I can make some ridiculous videos of myself doing something totally stupid that would bring me more points quicker.  Maybe I could try head butting a longhorn in my eBaum's World t-shirt.  I know there are a few longhorns down the road.  Of course, if I do that, I might get shot because the rancher might think I'm out to pick his magic mushrooms.  Maybe I could see how many eggs an eBaum's World t-shirt can hold when hurled at me by the neighborhood kids?  At least then I wouldn't have to worry about picking buck shot out of my behind.  I could just wait until I got enough points for the $100 Visa which would make it almost worth buying the gas to go to the store.  Ah, decisions, decisions.

Uploaded 07/09/2011
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