Deeper, please...

She needed him, plain and simple.She knew the moment she met him that he was the one.He was good no strike that, he was GREAT!If anyone could get the job done, he could, and a few of her friends knew this, which is why he came so highly (though secretly) recommended.

She started to develop a fondness for him that might reach past their "thing" they had going.She felt as though she could trust him, and maybe he felt the same?

It was storming out, and it was an ugly night.The type of night that chilled your bones, and wont let your soul relax.The crazy sideways rain and high wind made the night even more difficult.

This was the last time they would see each other and the universe decided to make it tough, on both of them.She knew that he needed to move on, and that their "secret" relationship couldnt go on any longer.If people knew what they had been doing for the past few months, during his visits to her farmhouse, they would not approve and her life would be made more difficult.

The wind and rain were loud throughout her creaky house.Even if they had been inside, she would have had to shout for him to hear her.  But the intensity of the night had brought their interaction outside...

"Deeper!" she cried through the wind and rain.Her wet silhouette barely visible because the overhead light burned out, but the last thing on her mind right now was replacing a floodlight.All she cared about right now was getting the job done.She wanted him to give it all he had.

"I'm near the end! Not sure I go on!" he proclaimed to her dissatisfaction, but she pressed on for more.No way was it going to end like this.

"Don't go so fast then, but lets make this count, please!" Her cries in the rain and her beautiful face made him reconsider.He understood that he was layin pipe for the last time here and he also wanted to make it worthwhile for her.She begged "...deeper, harder..." Along with "Don't pull out, I don't care if it hurts, please!"

He decided to go at it harder, and despite her warning, faster.He couldn't help it.The night was filled with a passion of which he had never before seen.A small part of him also wanted to be done.Wanted to see a gushing of that orgasmic fluid that he was so good at producing.He had spent many a night with her.Drilling what he considered to be some of the softest sweetest spots he had ever touched.

Soon after, he decided that he couldn't go on.He was pulling out.He was done.Her cries for more no longer had any effect on him.

She cried.It was over.She knew it and he knew it.No longer would he be visiting her back 40.He was going to leave her, here in the rain, cold, wet, and thoroughly bummed the fuck out.

The last trace of him that she saw was the Peterson Drilling logo on the side of his truck as pulled away from her house.

He would return the next day, while she was at the title office, finalizing the final sale of her land, at a much lower price now that no oil had been found, to retrieve his drilling rig...

His last thoughts were "Damn, I would have loved to have sex with her also..."



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