"Democratic" Process?

Obama has it on lock right?

However, was it supposed to be this way?

Obama has secured several superdelegates soley based on his accumulation of more delegates than Hillary....


Michigan and Florida's delegates have been stripped due to simply moving up their primaries.

These states were simply trying to matter in picking the nominee, and they got their wish, because since their delegates were not counted, Obama's string of victories allowed him to take the pledged delegate lead.

Now, had Clinton been awarded both states delegates, she and Obama would be dead even, or possibly Clinton would have the lead.

Now back to the Superdelegates.....a majority of them are hoping on Obama's bandwagon simply to try and end the nomination process for fear of the democratic voters division come Novemeber.

So my question is, had Florida and Michigan been counted, where would we be right now?

I think we'd be talking about Clinton nearing victory.

I don't really have an opinion on which nominee I support, because I am not trying to be biased.

My anger is over the voters of Florida and Michigan not being heard. To put it simply, the "Democratic" process that is so important to America is being twisted and torn.

Who cares who votes first? Iowa is a mainstay on the way to the white house, however in the grand scheme of things, they have like .04 electoral votes (exaggeration) in November, so do they matter then?

The Democratic Party may be represented by the nominee who (if the process was done correctly) really didn't win.

Obama, I wish you the best of luck, you have my vote, and Clinton, it looks like you may have gotten screwed. Either way I am voting blue.

Every 4 years somthing stupid happens when we choose our president. It's not that hard.....cast the votes, count the votes, and declare the winner. When did this become so difficult?



Uploaded 05/23/2008
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