Demonoid site invitation? yes.

I was searching for some music, something very specific: opal. It was supposed to be a band that tributed pink floyds first vocalist and later mad cap soloist, Syd Barret. The thing is, that i download music in torrent pages, and opal turned out to be strangelly rare; no torrents antwhere, but 1 place: demonoid. Now, at the time, i didnt know anything about the site, it didnt even ring a bell. So i open the site, and tried to download the opal torrent (full discography). The site was restricted to subscribed users, and they opened the subscriptions on very few occasions or by direct invitation of a user, with a code. I searched google, could not find a code, and demonoid stated on the site, that "no buyed code would be accepted", meaning that someone was even selling the fucking thing!. On a last effort, i just invented a code, filled all the sign in stuff, including my email, of course, and waited to see what would happen. Of course, a red message appeared with 2 messages: one, said that the code was bullshit. the other, said that the email i gave, was already used by a member....yes. Soo..i clicked on "lost pass", waited for the email, and there it was, the demonoid email saying that i was a member, and giving me my new password. I logged in, downloaded the opal torrent and smiled. I cant remember when i actually created that account;it said may, 2005 on the account, wich was a lost year for me. Anyone that would want an invitation code for this site, just post me and ill get it done. adios.

Uploaded 03/09/2009
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