Diablo III

My kids got me to throw in for the new game Diablo III.  With four of us wanting to play  and only two computers it's quite annoying. While doing my correspondences, estimates and invoices I have at least two buzzards salivating behind me. The question, "Are you done yet"? Is repeated as if ritualistic. There were a lot of sleepy eyes yesterday morning including my own as we took turns until 2:30 AM.

I cut my teeth on the computer playing the original Diablo many years ago. I didn't care for the computer back then, I thought it might become a distraction to daily life, boy was I right.  But a neighbour and friend got me hooked playing Diablo into the wee hours of the morning.  After a couple of years playing that game along with Red Alert and Star Craft, I drifted away from the computer, until I started using the internet for news and bullshit around the world and eventually bloging. 
Now that DiabloIII is here, I'm a gonna be a gaming!  This new version is really new compared to the first and makes up for the disappointing second version. The game plays smoothly, graphics are sharp. The character profiles are straight forward, but still fun and interesting. My old friends the Skeleton King and the Buthcher make a come back. Oh yeah! Highly addictive as you knock off one quest, a new one is given to you right away. Hard to put this game down for a proper nights sleep. 

Uploaded 05/17/2012
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