Did I Make the Right Choice??

Okay, so the other day, i'm sitting in science class next to this girl named Jen and she's texting on her cell phone...I don't know what anybody was talking about because it was 8th period and I was beginning to zone out...anyway, the bell was about to ring and as we all got up to stack our chairs, I saw Jen was bout ready to start crying. Now, I like Jen; she's nice and funny and really not all that bitchy, so I became concerned. I kept asking what was wrong...then she finally told me:

She was texting a kid named Danny and talking about her relationship with some guy (I don't even know who) but Danny texted Jen saying, "if you were given the chance, how far would you go in a relationship?" She texted back, "idk it depends on the relationship, but i'd prolly go all the way..." and as she was picking the person to send it to she just saw the "Da" and accidentally sent it to her dad. (!!!) She decided to text her dad saying, "i'm sry i left the room and one of my friends got ahold of my phone," you know, so she wouldn't get in trouble. Well, her dad texted her back saying, "well i wanna talk to you AND the person who took your phone." I'm thinkin "busted," right?

So she goes around the room asking some people if they would volunteer to confront her dad about it and they all said no. Even one stoner kid, Ben, said, "Man, I just got OFF probation. I don't wanna get back ON it!!" So she turns to me. Of course, why me. I said, "No, I can't afford to be in trouble!!" Ya know, cuz i really couldn't! my grades were getting better, I was getting my social life back together, (long story) etc. etc.... But she kept sayin, "Oh, he won't call your parents! All you really have to say is that your sorry!!" And blahbbity blahbbity BLAH....I eventually agreed to do it.

I went up to her father after school (because he drove one of the buses) and said, "I understand that you're Jen's father. I just wanted to let you know that I'm the one who got ahold of her phone and texted that message. Iunderstand that it was a mistake and i'm obviously not doing it again. I have to get home now." Then he said, "Well, I'd like to talk to you a little bit more about this." To which I replied, "I really gotta get going, because my mom expects me home. Maybe we can talk a little more on Monday or something, but I really have to go."

Since this happened Friday, and it is now Saturday, I still have yet to talk to him about things...and I haven't even told my parents...but i told my older sister and she didn't like the fact that I did that because I should've left things alone. And I told my boyfriend, and he said he thinks I did the right thing, but really don't know...and I'd like comments on this PLEASE. Be as judgemental and critical as you can. I swear I can handle it.


Uploaded 03/08/2009
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