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It was another Happylifetime , and I was tired of being a NutGobbler . So I saw Miss strghtjcktgrl standing behind the Meatlocker on the corner of Eastside_Dave and Grimey ave. and I whipped out my baddozer and whispered, "Hey CarGirl , how'd you like to suck on the_big_bad for Thug_life ?" Well, she immediately went down on my AWFULJACKASS , it was like pure sindicate . I couldn't help but grab her delicious CamoToe .It was all I could do to hold back the DrunkBitch as my ugdork went up her tight little Platypuss and she started to scream: "ihategingers ,ihategingers !" Soon she was fondling my danzig and I knew it wouldn't be long before I blew my White_Chocolate all over her and give her a taste of the old bohankeeton . She asked if I was into the dirtysanchez but I said, "Hey shesuhfake , no kinky stuff"-- and then I said, "Look, you littleBitchOnAStick ! How bout you be a nasty lil' masterbaiter8 , While I tell you how UrMomWazGr8. She screamed, "Oh, HunterDad , you're better than theLive101Proof !" as I rammed my snowmonkey up her I mean rednote67. Well, I was givin' it to her hard and fast ,She started telling me how fat my Gnome was. I all most poopinmypants but instead I busted my nut on her forehead. With my baby gravy running down her cheek,,she asked me if she was the best I have ever had.I said "Sorry baby....the best cock sucker I have ever seen was ebaum.

Uploaded 06/05/2009
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