Disaster Movie?

So I saw this trailer online for a new movie coming out in August called "Disaster Movie."  It's from the same people who made "Date Movie," "Epic Movie," and "Meet the Spartans."  I feel like this movie will actually mark the end of Western civilization.

First of all, the three movies I mentioned earlier which preceded "Disaster Movie" were all panned by anybody with half a brain.  So why would anybody allow these clowns to keep making horrendous spoof films with "jokes" that nobody will understand three years from now?

Yeah the "jokes" in these movies aren't really jokes, just depictions of characters from other movies either getting injured or having some kind of hormonal problem.  And many of the movies that get parodied aren't even supposed to be parodied.  Like how "Epic Movie" poked fun at Borat.  How do you make a spoof of a spoof?  I don't get it.

I remember the good old days, when people actually put effort into spoof films like "Spaceballs."  "Spaceballs" didn't just make a bunch of random references to events in pop culture that happened just a few months earlier.  They poked fun at the classics like "Planet of the Apes" and of course "Star Wars."  They also added original humor too like Mog, the half-man half-dog who is his own best friend.

What happened to comedy like that?

Uploaded 06/27/2008
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