Discount Mac Whores

I had this awesome dream the other night where Pink and Jessica Simpson were finalists on "American Idol", and they both sang the same song that had something to do with chocolate, and that had this awesome Donna Summer sample.  I wish I could've recorded it.  

The back of the audience area actually transitioned into this charming, old-person suburban home that belonged to friends of my grandmother.  They were very sweet people who had a lot of cats, and had allowed me to stay there.  But of course, with the "American Idol" audience being just on the other side, it became this big party, that for some reason ended up with a lot of popcorn bits on the floor (not unlike my office at work sometimes).  

When the owners came back along with my grandma, I felt bad about the mess, but they said it wasn't any sort of problem.  My friends had gone out to the car to leave, and were waiting for me, but I felt so guilty about the mess, and started cleaning up.  Then my grandma got pissed that my friends weren't helping me, and called them in to assist even though I took total responsibility for the mess.

Naked Juice has this vile blueberry flavored drink that tastes like engine oil and cough syrup.

There is an undoubtedly effective use, and a time and place for swear words.  I wouldn't say that that time and place was at work, in a meeting, with your colleagues, from the mouth of a manager.
Uploaded 10/23/2010
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