Discovering Truth, Iranian Nuclear Device.

Finding the truth to complex situations can be a difficult task, with most information being manipulated to support someones agenda from multiple positions. My way of trying to discover the truth is to observe the behaviors of interested party's that might have a benefit within a complex problem.   

For example, the Iranian question. Is Iran developing a nuclear device and if so do they intend to use it on Israel? We can start with some well known facts just to give us a base to build our conclusions from. First, they have signed a nuclear non-proliferation agreement and have regularly scheduled inspections, for which there is no evidence that they are building a nuclear bomb. Second, using our history lessons in regards to Iraq having weapons of mass destruction and invading that country, we can see that that conclusion was at best a miscalculation at worse a blatant lie in order to give a reason to invade a foreign nation. Third, if Iran did use a nuclear bomb on Israel, the repercussions on that nation, including so called, "Mad man dictators" would be catastrophic. 

But then again, I suppose it is possible that the level of madness of an entire countries administration is so incredibly outrageous that they could do it.  It's something I personally find hard to believe. My brother is schizophrenic and even during his darkest moments I doubt even he would have delivered a nuclear device to any where on the planet. To think a countries government leaders would do such an incredibly stupid thing, simply makes no sense.  

Still, the idea Iran will do this seems prevalent among the American people and sabers are rattling based on the possibility. So as a concerned citizen where do I look to discover the soft under belly of this monstrous problem? As with the question of Man Made Global Warming, I look to the actions and reactions of interested entities. For example, one of the reasons I doubt Man Made Global Warming is government malinvestment into Green energy programs that end up going all hay wire. You have to ask yourself, if this global warming is so potentially catastrophic, why would government and industry get it so wrong? 

But back to Iran, what evidence is there that would indicate that it's all a bunch of bullshit? Well one story that has me convinced is the one considering the company Halliburton, you know the one that collects billions in tax payers dollars for defense contracts. The same company that current Vice President Joe Biden collects a pension from, three times the average size.

It turns out that Halliburton is helping Iran to build it's nuclear facilities and has been for quite sometime. In fact they have been helping these so-called "Mad men" since 1976 under a directive signed by Gerald Ford. Good old Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld concluded,  "introduction of nuclear power will both provide for the growing needs of Iran's economy and free remaining oil reserves for export or conversion to petrochemicals." 

I know, this was a deal signed long ago, but it still continued quite recently, unless the charges made put a halt to it.  Which is laughable considering they were acting under a US Government directive.

So what am I to conclude by these conflicts of information? It is quite obvious to me that the idea of Iran building a nuclear bomb is quite possible, now that I know a US Government directive assisted them in developing nuclear technology. It is also quite obvious that they would not dare use it, or  why else would the US Government, including current officials and a giant defense corporation, persuade the development of such technologies, in a country that is full of "Mad men" willing to self emulate in a self assured fire ball if the world even gets a whiff they have a nuclear bomb?
Does this not mirror the events leading up to the Iraq war with the controversy involving Cheney and KBR?

Uploaded 01/04/2012
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