Does this make me gay?

The late game was coming on and I was able to be treated to one of my favorite fantasies, getting my cock sucked while watching football. As the ball kicked off the next game my bud pulled down my tight fitting boxers to my ankles exposing my 8 inch cock and my shaved golf ball sized testicles. His thick lips felt tight around the head of my dick. I playfully smacked my cock in and out of his mouth. His soft hands rubbed my balls as his tongue licks up and down my shaft.

I moaned and groaned "you suck way better than my girlfriend". He gives me seductive wink. I pinched my nipples in blind lust enjoyin his every deep bob. The sound of him chokin on my big meatstick turned me on more and more. He was enjoying it so much that I wanted to suck his thick cock instead of watching football.

I laid on my back on the couch. His lips would not let go off my dick. I pulled down his jeans and boxers and all of a sudden his dick dangled down my face. I gently opened my mouth as said penis slowly inserted. The head of his cock brushed in and out of my mouth. For good measure I inserted a finger inside his tight little asshole. He moaned in delight. I rubbed on his scrotum and ass faster and faster as my nuts start to clinch.

I squirted stream after streams of my jizz inside his mouth some of it dribbling out of his chin down to my balls. I furiously stroke on his cock to the point he couldn't hold it no more. I felt his cum on my face and chest. I rubbed his white goo all over myself. We made out for a good bit after that. I think we'll make it a regular thing now. Bros before hos ;)

Uploaded 08/04/2010
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