Dogs of war part 1 "were just starting"

The prep faze..

Theres ton of shit that has to be done before leaving. Moving your shit to storage, medical and dental issues and the biggest one all ways to kill motivation all together before leaving is writing out your will and power of attorney.  All the Marines at first during the huge gathering were motivated and ready to fight. And the Staff Judge Advocate just had to ruin that feeling. But thats the fucking lawyers job anyway in the military.

2 1/2 weeks later.

On mission again, Apparently we got a report that there were some individuals on the hill side snooping around and 1 squad in my platoon were the lucky ones to check it out. As we were patrolling up a dusty hill I couldnt help like everyone else hear echoes of bitching and complaining from our point man in first fire team. Fuck my life, God damn, Seriously this heat and then 70 pounds of fucking gear to haul around, All the Marines are fucking slow moving targets in this platoon now  shit were just going off a hunch some intelligence fag had in the rear . I look over to my sergeant and give him the shut him the fuck up look. Sgt C handle it , Roger Staff Sergeant he then yells at him to keep quiet and stay focused on not getting us shwacked by an IED.Then the code word comes down the line. And I give the signal to halt and hold and for the fire team leaders to rally. Yea Staff Sergeant we go a 155 on the side of the trail underneath some brush. Give me the fucking radio, tell everyone to hydrate and stay on point. All my Fire team leaders roger up and scatter to their teams. Hey Staff Sergeant something not right, I mean I cut in,  yea blind corner and a 155, somethings up, get a fire team to recon another path.Sgt C .replies Roger on it. I report the find to higher and  eod, but of course they cant make it out. We push and I get a call back from team 1 they got a route. I tell them to push and team 2 to hold security for them.

::::BOOM::::, screams echo as I hear the 2nd fire team yell down the line THEY STEPPED ON AN ITALIAN LAND MIND, CORPMAN UP! The corpsman runs up the hill and Sgt C runs back to me , SSGT ALL OF TEAM 1 AND 2 OF TEAM 2 ARE DOWN! I cant help but think to my self, Fuck my life I tell team 3 to assist the doc and help buddy drag them down the cliff. Team 4  holds security for them. I run and find a control area with cover and get on the mic. ::::SHHH::: request immediate EOD, and replacements over:::::BOOM:::  WTF! Jesus fucking Christ not again! fire team leader 4 runs down the hill and yell, ALL OF TEAM 2 AND 3 ARE DOWN INCLUDING DOC! .! Well at this point I pretty much say were fucked but then again fuck it and make a decision and get on the radio. Team four holds while I run up to the blast area and grab the least wounded and fire man carry him back to the CP. Your still able to pull a trigger and now youre my security he raspy replies Roger that SSGT I give him half a shot of morphine to dull the pain. I do the same with 3 others and one of the Marines from fire team 4 relieves me .so I can rest and take his security. Then more fun just had to happen. RATTA TAT TAT TAT TAT, FUCK EVERY ONE DOWN GOD DAMMIT WERES THAT FIRE COMINING FROM! ON TOP OF THE HILL SSGT! I cant help at this point but yell  FUCK ME! We get everyone down the hill including our one dead and finally get the response I want from the radio ::::::::SHHH::::: sending air support your way 2 mics:::: SHHH:::: fucking air wingers, only get off their ass unless its an actual emergency!

INDEX!!!!!!!!!!! Thank fucking god that shits done with one Marine yells. No shit, of course they absolutely have to put us in the worse case scenario for training as possible another one responds. I look at the squad pissed but not at them. They set us up to fail to see if wed react the way they wanted. They mined the whole fucking area with Italian made mines, unable to see with the naked eye due to being buried and no indicators or triggers to see. But  we all reacted the way we should,  with security, and held our ground.As we get briefed I slowly think to myself thank god this was only training, Train in chaos, fight in chaos As the others bitch, I reflect and cant help but think well I guess it could always be worse.then again when in shit like that I go to the fuck the world and everything in it mode As I walk hind the squad down the dusty trail the instructor yells, GOOD WORKING WITH YOUR GUYS SSGT! with a smug look on his face.  I reply  YEA, YEA YOU TOO!,  you dickless god complex faggot WHATS THAT MISSED WHAT YOU SAID ? OH NOTHING TALKING TO MYSELF, HAVE A GOOD ONE SIR . Douche

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