Donald Trump Endorses Romney

When I first heard the news of Trump endorsing Romney I thought to myself, well that's not surprising and laughed because in my opinion that could do more harm than good. Well, harm to Romney not the US, unless of course Trump's endorsement gets votes for Romney, which would be bad for America.

I decided to watch the official endorsement at the Trump Hotel and while doing so I couldn't help but get the feeling that I was watching and listening to something more like a school yard incident. There appeared to be about thirty people in the room, (it looked like the room where you get your bucket of ice from).  I heard  two good whistlers and two good shouters trying  to make the occasion sound more like a Ron Paul meeting, but it was rather lame.

Donald Trump sounded like a big baby complaining how China was being mean, laughing and taking advantage of the US. Like WTF is that? Have your nuts even dropped yet? Then Donald introduced Romney and his wife as a great couple. I guess the whistlers and shouters were off cue, because the introduction didn't illicit the response it should have. I felt embarrassed for the couple.

Then Romney walks up to the mike with eyes wide as saucers and a great big Cheshire cat grin all proud Trump endorsed him and  thrilled he is staying at his hotel. Romney, following in Trumps footsteps, tells the audience that China is cheating and we gotta stop the big bad cheaters. Wow, dress that man in shorts  and give him a great big lollipop!

Mitt then said something about Nevada being underwater, (I thought it was a desert?), and how he would, "Dramatically" change government. Why the hell would he do that? He's made a fortune from the status quo and he's the establishments candidate.  What a bunch of crap. If people actually fall for this garbage..... ahhhhhhhh!!!!

Here's a guy that does, but fuck I hope there aren't many of them!

Retards endorse Mitt Romney too. LOL

This might be your next President!!! Holy Fuck!!

This just gets worse and worse!

Airtight? Well I guess that makes it alright then.
Uploaded 02/03/2012
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