don't even read if you're going to say 'this doesn't belong here

I don't write blogs, and probably never will again, but this has been on my mind for a few months, and this seems like a decent place to get some input from people that don't know me personally, and with some decent thought put into answers.


I really want the older users on here to help me out a little bit. Because I know my parents views, and I don't like either of their views on this lol. My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 3 years in November. I really really like him alot, (I don't think that teenagers should say they're in love.) and we really do get along great. We were never apart from each other for about a year or so. So we get along.


But he's got some things I can't stand about him. He's very lazy (just got a family job, but quit because $10 an hr isn't enough, apparently). He's also very stubborn and doesn't want to do ANYTHING unless it doesn't involve gas or money and other people. He also has a very short temper. I could probably talk about this for a while, but I won't bore everyone..


I was wondering, if I should just break it off before college.. Because I've been thinking alot. The lazyness and stubbornness is tolerable now. But I don't know what it will be like later in life, only because I'm just not old enough yet to understand these things entirely. I can't quite grasp the "red flag" concept yet, mainly because I'm a teenager, and it's hard to see past the 'niceness' of him.


So some input from other people that don't know me, and him, would be Very appreciated. Thanks :)

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