Don't ever give up on you're dreams guys.

When I was a child, I had an alcoholic father, but my father wasn't like most alcoholic fathers. He was also a heavy meth and heroin user, He once got so fucked up he sold my bed so he could get a tattoo of a muscular fish strangling a bear in a river that said "Never stop potatoing". My childhood was rough, I remember telling my dad I'm gonna be a blogger one day, he would say "HA You could never be a blogger, you're a raccoon for christs sake, you could never type with those tiny little paws." My father was always putting me down, he thought he was better than me just because he was human and I was a raccoon. Despite what he said I still persued my dreams of being a blogger, until one day he told me the truth. He was completely hopped up on drain cleaner and battery acid, I told him "Dad you are probably going to die in 60 seconds you just drank a whole bottle of drain-o and injected battery acid into your blood", He said "What do you know, Your not even my son!". Than it all made sense no wonder I had a bushy tail and whiskers, He was not my father, He didn't even look anything like me, that and he was a human. I never gave up though, even though I have small paws and am covered in fur, if motherfucking cats could make blogs than a raccoon sure as hell can.
Uploaded 07/15/2012
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