Dont get too drunk on a party lol

So I was hanging out with my buddy robbie g at this club and he got a call from his homie that there's this party over at his house so he says lets go there yo and we took a cab there and were at this party theres lots of people and free drinks lol So I danced a bit met new friends and maybe an hour passed and this guy jumps into the kitchen because we were having snacks then and he goes yo yo yo this guy just passed out and were gonna own him. So we went to the room where the guy was lying on the bed and the guy found the party host so he got some feltip pens and we started to draw dicks on his face Later this other guy found a carrot in the frindge and he put it into his mouth like it was his dick and he put it in his pands and into the guys face so others could take photos later they made pics with cellphones when the guy made it look like he was boning him lol So the moral for this story is dont pass out during a party lol
Uploaded 07/31/2011
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