Don't try to throw a pie at me

There are certain left-wing crowds who think it's cute to throw pies at people they disagree with. I condemn this practice, no matter which side throws the pie at which.

Throwing pies at people because you don't like what they say is downright Un-American. People could say whatever they want. You can walk away if you don't like it.

Throwing anything at someone is a legitimate assault. And in this high profile context, I believe the perpetrators should be prosecuted alls-the-way. Not only are they setting a poor example of what is acceptable during public discourse, but they're showing potential assassins that access to a controversial figure is well within their grasp.

I'm not into talking politics amongst a large and diverse public crowd. But if I were, and somebody tried to throw a pie at me? They'd better hope they're not of a competitive size, because I will tackle them and place them under citizen's arrest!

If a crowd of their cohorts get involved? That's when I go all Travis the Chimp, biting and tearing at hands, faces and genitals.

You think you're fast enough to throw a pie at me and get away? I'll find out who you are. I'll find out who your mother is. I'll put a pie in her face as she's walking out of the grocery store one day. Then I'll post the video on youtube.

Uploaded 04/23/2010
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