Dr. Sugar Ray vs Telemarketers Part 3


TELEMARKETER: Well we dont sell adult-themed publications ONLYwe have various other publication themes and subject matter, depending on your interest..

SOUR Ray: OkaySTOP again !! TWO THINGS that bother me bout whatchu just saidtha fact that you ARE sellin somethin and ( he tried interruptin me ) AND, dont interrupt me Chris !! AND tha fact that non-sex publications in your company are classified as other !! THAT tells me what kinda company yall are and since Im in a mercifully nice mood, Ill say thanks for bein a sport with ya incestuous ass but Im gonna EMPHATICALLY decline tha offerdoin so with a BIG smile on my face !!

TELEMARKETER: But you havent even heard what were offering today !! It was picked for..

SOUR Ray: CHRIIIISSyoure HEARIN me, but ya arent LISTENIN Dawg !! It doesnt MATTER what your offer IS cause I figured it OUT ALREADY !! And it COULDNT have been picked just for ME cause none of yall KNOW me !! If ya DID know me, then youd KNOW that I wouldnt be INTERESTED in THIS SH-T and ya wouldnt be on tha PHONE tryin to CONVINCE ME that I should LISTEN to or BUY anything cause Im so damn SPECIAL to yaI already KNOW that Im special, to EVERYONE that comes in contact with me !! People couldnt forget me if they TRIED, jus like YOU wont forget THIS phone call !! But see, tha difference between NOW versus FIVE MINUTES from now is tha same thing as this call endin on a GOOD note and it endin on a BAD note !! You still have a JOB right now !! HOWEVER in FIVE MINUTES, if you keep pressin tha issue, Im gonna talk to whoever ya got monitoring your performance and get yo yip-yappin ass FIRED !! COMPRENDE ?!

TELEMARKETER: Well I thank you for your time sir and you have a great day.

SOUR Ray: GOOD BOYYYY Chris, look for this to be on Blogger, Netlog, Facebook and MySpace under Dr. Sugar Ray !! Say HI to all tha rest of tha lovely boys and girls in tha class so I can quote you Chris..


SOUR Ray: Now marinate on this experience Chris and remember...Dont take it PERSONAL !!

:::: takes a bow ::::

SOUR Ray to tha rescue !! Im definitely improvin and sharpenin my skills through telemarketer abuse !! WOO HOOOOO...THAT was fun !! Lets do it again !!

OH.and jus so yall know.. NO female that lives her life as an emotional yo-yo will eva get to play wif, lay wif or make waves wif MY Sugarlicious says tha Sweet N Sour One.YO !!


Class Dismissed !!

Sugar Ray D.


ALL RIGHTS RESERVED (c) 1998-2008 "I Got JOKES" Commentaries by Dr. Sugar Ray/Sugar Ray D.

Uploaded 12/11/2008
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