Dreams..... part two



this one happened  when i was 26, about two months before my mother died.


I was at a funeral, i don't know who's. i was wearing a white tuxedo and holding a bouquet of black roses with red streaks. they were rather beautiful. as i walked towards the casket, i got a feeling of un ease. it had been closed when the dream started, but was now wide open. i peered inside and could see nothing but dark water. something started to float up from the water. it was me, but something was different, the version of me in the casket  was in a deep state of decay. he reached up and pulled me into the water, but i wasn't afraid.


at this point, i woke up, but quickly fell back asleep and started to cotinue the dream (i found this quite odd, since i usually have another dream when i wake up and go back  to sleep)


as i got pulled deeper and deeper, i began to notice my surroundings. it was the world i had just been in, but sort of a mirror version. i could see myself, the decayed version, holding a bouquet of red roses with black streaks, and he had a devilish smile on his face. instead of black water, i saw my self lying in the casket, just as they closed the lid and lowered me into the ground.


i got the sensation of falling. as the casket hit the ground (there was no ground, i just heard a thud and it fell apart around me.) i was back in a previous dream (this has only happened a few times) the one i wrote about in my last blog. but this time, jenny was a corpse, and had been for quite a while. i climbed onto the bed, it wasnt as tall as last time. i layed my head on her chest, and her screams filled my ears. she was screaming "you killed me!!! you killed me!!!!"


then the explosion happened again, but this time, i was floating through the air surrounded by peices of her....


i woke up soon after that, again landing on the floor.


this one freaked me out a lot, i don't know what it means though

Uploaded 07/25/2008
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