drinking alone need some newbs to pwn

i play chess.

its hard to find good partners. 

rook takes queen.  pawn takes knight.  your king is dead.


chess is a lot like my life.

i'm the king and i have no bishops no rooks no knights no queen no pawns. i'm alone on a checkered board against a fully armed hoarde.

i'm drinking again.  i drink some rum, some beers, some vodka, some cocktails and i piss away my pay into the toilet.  i drink alone.

such is the life of Herkimer Hess.

the faceless douchebag.

i love smoking. they say smoking will kill you.  but honestly who wants the years that cigarettes will take?  i dont want to be shitting myself and going to by lemons when i already have two bags of them in my fridge.

kill me before i go senile mr camel.

it'll cost the taxpayers less money.

*gets another beer*

i'm playng GTA4 a lot lately


if i cant take girls out in the real world i at least can get a cheap $60 hooker to screw and stab to death in a dark rat infested alley.

gordon ramsey is a sell out. 

the shows are cut and spliced and they think they can fool the public but they cant fool me.  i saw a chick on there last week that was cut 4 weeks ago.  cooking.  it was only for a split second but i saw. and rewound it. god bless you DVR.

fuck you gordon ramsey.

i think i have some serious problems.



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