Drive Angry

If you enjoy action, dangerous stunts and great views, this is something for you. Knowing that low quality entertainment like watching people faceplant and hurt themselves speaks to teenagers nowadays, and the movies are filled with robots and special effects, it's hard to find a decent action movie today.

But it appears that there are still people who make them. And they use the advantages of modern technology mixed with themes pleasant to the younger viewer as well.

Drive Angry tells a story of Nicolas Cage, who escaped from hell to save his little grand daughter from being sacrificed by satanists during full moon. The cool part is, that kinda makes him a demon now and he can regenerate and shit. He also has cool hair.

Lucifer is a positive figure in the movie, someone like hell's warden. He got angry that Nicolas Cage (played by Nicolas Cage himself) ran away and even took one of his demonic super guns (I couldn't make this shit up). Knowing how good Mahone was in catching the Fox River escapees in Prison Break, taking advantage of him getting killed in that movie and going to hell, the hellkeeper sends him after Nicolas Cage.

The main character is a total bad ass with a southern accent. It's like watching Con Air without a plane. He kills the bad guys, gets shot a lot and regenerates. Cause he's a demon and shit. Mahone (William Fichtner) soon realises how cool Nicolas Cage is and helps him stop the satanists and getting his grand daughter to safety. Once they killed the bad guys, they give the kid to this chick that Nicolas Cage met along the way and found her cool enough to take care of his grand daughter. Then Nicolas Cage and Mahone go back to hell. The end.

I so recommend this movie, because it's awesome and shit. There's a lot of explosions and shooting. Don't show it to your kids, because there's also a lot of nudity there and Nicolas Cage gets shot in the eye at some point. It's also worth to watch because of the surprising ending (Nicolas Cage and Mahone team up and the sexy girl kills the head of the satanist cult).

Oh, and there's a spoiler in the paragraph above, so don't read it, otherwise you'll know the ending

Have a good one, guys!
Uploaded 07/18/2011
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