Dropkick Murphys' Last Stop In L.A. Before Australia


Ok.. so this has nothing to do with the post- apocalypse, but I wanted to use my banner anyways so suck it!

There are few bands known internationally that can conjure equally amongst the masses a jovial merriment, an insatiable thirst for ale, grog, or what have you, and blood thirsty appetites to dance a jig or enjoy the simple, serene moments created with friends and those around you. Dropkick Murphys is a band that hails from Quincy, Massachusettes. Since forming in 1996, they have rocked the world for fifteen years with their jolly irish jig style tunes rippled with gnawing veins of punk rock. The concoction proved to be successfully deadly resulting in a phenomenal knee crumbling and self defecation of any listening bystander.

So if any of you west coast Ebaumers have nothing better to do next weekend on Saturday, October 15th, might I suggest dropping by the Palladium in Los Angeles, California to come wade in shit like the rest of us!

Sidenote: They'll have Swingin' Utters and The Insurgence opening, so it'll definitely be a worth it show! If you've no idea who those cats are wait for this shit song embedded on this blog to stop and play the you tube vids below. So kiss me, I'm shit-faced! Let's go fishin'!

Uploaded 10/04/2011
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