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Well, I'm fucked up. High. I figured I owed it to myself after pissing in a cup for my job. I hate that degrading shit. It's like they can't just take your work performance at face value. I mean, they don't do psychological tests on as many professions as they drug test for... And me personally, I'd rather work with a crackhead (so long as he didn't get high at work) than I would work with a fucking psychopath, or even a depressed person for that matter.

You can thank little Nancy Reagan for that bullshit. Pissing in cups... For fuck's sake, they ought to piss test first ladies... Just say no my ass...

I did some research before I went to piss, and I noticed something...

Pretty much anything you take, in any amount, gets the hell out of your system in about 3 days... Except pot.

Makes you wonder if they're just testing for pot? I mean, it's a poor people's drug, right? Sure, if I could afford a cocaine habit, like the other well-to-do citizens in business and politics, I'd be clean if I quit earlier that week. I quit smoking pot about a year in advance and still was sweating about the results.

And... to top it all off, in my line of work, they can pop you at anytime. So when I say I'm fucked up, I say it strictly in terms of alcohol, because I can't touch weed anymore. I guess I don't need the additional paranoia from pot anyways, so thank the healthcare profession for taking all the fucking fun out of it. Oh well... I guess it's part of 'growing up' and fitting into the fucking mold society's cast for you, eh?

Uploaded 08/07/2008
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