Drug E

We used to call people who took recreational drugs, druggies. So I find it ironic that the controversial drug today is known as E. As a teenager and a young man I was a druggie. I had a lot of good times being in a drug induced state. My preference was for psychotropic drugs, LSD and mushrooms, though pot was a staple. Getting drunk was fun too.

I even dealt drugs, pot , hash and hash oil. I stayed away from selling anything else, because I didn't want someone to freak out with me being the supplier. Hurting people in my day was still considered morally disgusting, even if your part in it was minuscule. The excuse, "He would have got it somewhere else anyway" was punch to the head worthy.  In my circles if you sold some bad shit to someone, you were shunned. Even selling weak or seedy pot, people got a hate on for you that lasted for years. 

If I could go back in time, my whole experience with drugs and the stupidity that flowed from it would be eradicated.  I was a stupid kid looking for attention from other stupid kids. Being the dealer gave me power, but only when I held the bag. Other than that, most of my so called friends didn't give a fuck. After a while, you even figure that out, but the power, the money and especially the attention from girls makes you weak. 

Using drugs is a waste of money,  can hurt you mentally, physically and emotionally. The thing is the drug itself doesn't even need to give you negative effects. The law, the people who sell it, the culture that surrounds it, the arguments, the rip offs, the possibility you will suffer as the drugs seep past your blood brain barrier driving you insane, the cumulative affects on your body, money, reputation, job prospects, education.  You get into ridiculous fights over nothing. Drugged up pissy little sluts crying their eyes out because her boyfriend fucked her best friend or repeating with a face drowning in smudged mascara, " I hate him, I fucking hate him."  Fuck! This one really pisses me off... babies born as drug addicts and miscarriages.

I do not know this drug called E, bath salts or what ever you call it. I really don't give a shit. All these drugs do some kind of harm, because we as people use them to make the people we become. 

Making drugs illegal is possibly the stupidest thing a society can do reduce the use of the drugs and it's ill effects on people. First of all, who is the teenager who takes drugs? Warm apple pie screwing  good little Yesmommies. No, they are bored, abused, neglected, anti-establishment, experimental, amusement seeking, horny as hell, spiteful, arrogant little punks and spoiled bitches. I know I was one and I loved them all.

They were not necessarily all of the above, but they would gleefully oppose anything that broke the rules or allowed them to escape their personal hell, whether real or imagined. Once a kid enters into the drug culture anything can happen. Yes, many grow up if they can find the strength and life doesn't give them too many hard blows at once. Making the use of drugs criminal only puts a person who's messed up into more jeopardy. Even if the person is well adjusted, just checking it out, his future can be destroyed with a criminal record. So where do such people go to look for acceptance? Back to the streets, back to the drugs. 

The best way to get people to lay off of drugs is tell the boys their dicks will fall off and the girls that they will never blossom. Start an an early age and reinforce it during Christmas or other celebrated events. Tell them the government made it legal so they would  take it and get sick and die.  That they will become imbeciles so they can make slaves  out of them. 

Don't make criminals out of people for using drugs, it helps no one except the real criminals who are a bunch of greedy ass holes taking advantage of people. If a drugE does commit a crime out of desperation, it's probably because the cost is too high due to it's illegality. And if he is desperate enough he'll take substances that he is unaware of as the dealer adds other more harmful substances. 

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