Drugs and Alcohol

I am going on twenty years old in October and I have never gotten drunk or done drugs in my life. I see it happening all around me in various situations especially with being at college and in close quarters to people.

What others do is their own choice and I am not judging anyone, but I want to know why some people feel the need to engage in these activities. My first assumption is that they are bored and that they cannot find anything better to do. This would explain why I am not interested in it because I play games, hang with the girl, and spend time on here for a good part of the day. But I guess other people might not have these things or might not be as captivated by it as I am so they turn to drugs and alcohol. But then there has to be the others who are pressured into it like my gf's roomate who started drinking/smoking/pot/pills when she got here because she found some friends who did it.

Which leads me to the next question: Do you believe that you are invincible or that it just won't happen to you or that if it does you just won't care? I'd say it was a fair guess that 9/10 who smoke will not get cancer, 3/4 who drink will not develop cirrhosis or any other liver diseases or ever have any type of fatal encounter with alcohol. But still, there is always a chance that you are putting yourself at risk. Right?

If you do drugs, alcohol, or smoke tell me what got you started and what you think about it as far as usage goes and what you conceive of the risks. Again, no judgement here I am just curious. 

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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