Drunk Saturday Night

Ok, I'm extremly hung over but i honestly remember almost everything that happened to me last night. Normally the weekends i have to take care of my nieces, but this weekend my brother took them, my excuse to go get drunk with friends.

As it started out just going to play pool turned into my night of something i hadn't done in a damn long time. About 1AM i was completely wasted to the point of hardly standing, but yet, for some reason i thought i should out drink my friend (or some guy i just met) if i won he bought me a round of shots, if he won i had to make out with a chick for five minutes. Me being drunk to the point of falling over was obviously going to lose. I did and frenching a girl isnt that least from what my friends tell me i didnt seem to mind (remember i was completely wasted) Anyway to end a wonderful night of drinking and making out with 7 guys (seprate times.) One thing had to happen, someone had to make a scene(of course, me being the most intoxicated i had to be it) As my friends brought me out of the bar (practilly dragging me because my legs were fucking limp) I ended up tripping a guy who had a pitcher of beer, he ends up dumping it all over me i look like i fucking pissed myself, and with that guy ontop of me it doesnt look good. So he crawls off with a weird prevish grin on his face, I'm laughing all the fucking way out the door, and back to my house like im stoned.

So when we get to my house i say lets have some shots and everyone declines telling me if i couldnt walk i had enough but because i have a bar in my basement stairs were a challenge, I went down half on feet half on my ass probably, but anyway i get to the bar and grab the nearest bottle of booze (which this morning i found out was bud light) and i chug it my friends tell me thats enough. I told them no and grabbed another.

By the time i had finally gotten drunk to where i couldn't stand i fell off my bar counter! onto a wood floor ( i luckly landed on a friend :) ) They ended up rolling me off and I said i wanted another beer they drag my ass over to my empty couch and say i have had enough fun for one night and would catch up in the mornining. At this point i tried speaking and it was all slurred to the point of gibberish. I told them I would sober up with a shower so i began to try and walk! Didn't go so well i ended up tripping over a bar stool and passing out there. I woke up at 6:17AM after going to bed at like 3 or 4 AM. I woke up on the bar stool looking around for my friends (knowing them they just left me there to think it was funny) But my story ends with this; when your drunk to the point of not moving dont let someone let you have more to drink.


Uploaded 09/14/2008
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