Drunkin Nights Part 1

Ya so a few weeks ago, me and friend were really pissed drunk at the bars for quarter beer night and Antwan Walker and Shawn Marion from the NBA were having a vip party for the NBA playoffs. So me and my friend decided to sneek around this long curtian and pop out the other side and started drinkin free beer courtesy of Antwan Walker, of course i was the only white guy in the VIP area so they kicked us out of the party. Then 10 mins later we decide to go back behind the curtain again and this time somebody kept poking us threw the curtain so we just stood there drinkin are beers and then they open the curtian and we were like hey guys whats gonig on, so they threw us out of the bar. Having no money i some how got into the strip club across the street and some guy kept buying me lap dancing becasue he wanted to watch.  I stole all the candy in the bathroom and the guy yelled at me, some how spent 5 hours at the strip club. Crazy nites, probaly the 3rd bar i got kicked out of this month.

Message to Antwan Walker:

Fuck you Antwan Walker , who fuckin takes up half the bar on quarter beer night you cheap Ass.

Uploaded 08/29/2008
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