Dylan Ratigan RANT - I want more of this from our Media

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This is by far the best rant about the economy and our financial system that I have seens thus far. I love the emotion and stright no nonsense talking points that he makes. One can only hope that the President would take his advice, however unlikely it is.


I'm generally not a fan, but Dylan Ratigan has won me over with his heart felt, tell it like it is RANT.


NOW it's time for Obama to do something about the Financial mess, and time for other media personalities to call out and point out the ridiculessness of the same old debate and talking points.


To quote Dylan - this is a Mathematical issues, a Mathematical certainty. The problem is corruption in Banking and other financial instiutions around the world. The world wants to thumb it's nose at us for almost defaulting but reality is the Dollar is KING. The US didn't make that happen alone. The rest of the world said...come on over and we'll help you make the Dollar King. The catch is you hav to give us A LOT of money in Aide and other financial backing.

Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, England EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD RECEIVES MONEY FROM US...even Iran and N. Korea. (humanitarian aid)


There is a 1 Billion dollar TAX that basically pays Doctors and ER's to treat undocumented aliens. It's called "Section 1011" named after the Bill it was in. So Congress forces Dr's to handle emergecy situations (not a bad thing) whether or not you have insurance or are illegal or not. Then they say...oh well since it costs too much we'll tax the American Public and pay you back because you are making you do it.

I have seen the Fraud that occurs with these claims. Dentists file, massage therapists file, Claims for "Jose" are filed 10 times in a row for the same thing. There isn't a requirement for a last name.


MILLIONS and MILLIONs of these dollars are missappropriated due to fraud.


To me these are the types of things that Dylan is talking about and is so frustrated with. We can't even keep our own shit together, because we can't worry ONLY about ourself. We have Mexico moving out boarder south or perhaps theirs north. The Middle East is sucking us dry when it should be the other way around. The Banks Have more money than god but won't leand any of it at a decent rate. Oil Companies are churning out money and wiping their asses with it like toilet papaper. Jobs are overseas and the ones that are available here, no one wants or the people that "need" them are "too Good" to do them. Unions can't get a fair shake in more and more states and without the unions workers are getting shaft.


Dylan has a specific focus on finance...but the issue is much bigger than that. It's finance, social reform, and taking back the American Identity.





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