Easter Madness

Once upon a time I bought two bunnies one of them was all white the other was gray.  I named the white one Roger and the gray one Bugs.  I put them in my room and I went out with a couple of friends to a hockey game.  When I got home I went into my room and I saw 300 rabbits all of them holding automatic weapons.  True story I swear.   Apparently Roger wasn't a Roger at all it was a Rogina.  To think I was going to introduce Roger to my hot red head friend Jessica.  I was amazed that bunnies can reproduce so fast.  One bunny fries his gun at me, the bullet just misses me.  All the bunnies gave me an evil glare.  I knew they meant business.  I took a frying pan and smashed 18 bunnies into the ground I took another 50 and made a bunny coat out of them.  Luckily for me rabbits have horrible aim and they could never get me with their guns.  I took another 68 bunnies and I stocked them into the Microwave.  Have you ever seen a pizza pocket explode? Imagine that times 68.  12 bunnies held me down and raped me.  It was so horrible; they tried to make me their jill. I reached under my bed and I grabbed a bag of carrots and I threw it at them.    All the bunnies ate the carrots and their eyes changed bright red.  My mother always told me carrots are good for your eyes.  I didn't think they were that good.  The bunnies started to shoot lasers out of their eyes.  I grabbed a mirror to reflect the lasers.  The lasers completely destroyed the mirror.  Damn movies lied to me.  Finally I figured out whey these bunnies are so violent.  They were all cooped up in my room.  I opened a bag saying "free carrots" they all hopped in.  I then took them into a cornfield where they were all devoured by raptors.  I now have a craving for pizza pockets

Uploaded 04/12/2009
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