Eaten By Sheep

Corralled into clutters, pissing and shitting
We stand shoulder-to-shoulder, as they do the bidding
they auction us off, by ones, then by many
they make the profit, we wont see a penny

They hypnotized, our hearts and minds
Made us march, to a beat out of time
Although we now know, we have a knife in our spine
Jabbed in the back, by distrust of mankind

weve been packaged, low grade,
generic, not super
Weve all been duped, lets get out of our stupor

We have to show them, the people arent cattle

Livestock wont fight back,
or provoke  battle

and battle we must, or they will dissect
Hang us from hooks, so our needs arent met 

They always control, oversee, inspect
Dont let them judge, kill, or reject

We are not cattle, we are not sheep
We cant be prodded, our pain is too deep

With too much at stake, too much to gain
We jump out of our pens, and break from our chains

The Zoo has run wild, zookeepers beware
You may just find
a sheep's teeth can still tear

Uploaded 11/21/2011
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