Ebaum Bloggers and Their Modes of Transportation

I have recently gone undercover and dove deep into the underworld that is Ebaums. Follow me as I take you on a journey into the lives of these brilliant literary genius's. Today we will be covering what they drive or use as transportation. First up is Dangle. He is always talking about his "work" van. I happened to be at the school to pick up my daughter and I saw his van and took a photo with my polaroid.
What a nice guy. Giving free candy to the kids. Thanks Dangle you are a pillar of the community.

Next I flew to the "down under" to catch a glimpse of what Shylilazn uses to get to and from the abortion clinic.
Well at least you don't have to spend money on gas, Shy. I guess it is common down there for people to ride around in the pouch of a Kangaroo. I think if I could have any part off of an animal and apply it to my body it would have to be the pouch of a kangaroo.

I only had to travel a few states south of me to catch what Rin drives and just as I suspected...
As you can see, Rin is a fraud. In the upper right area of the trunk it clearly says she found Jesus.

Moving on to Phukyanks. His mode of transportation is original and possibly powered by god himself. Lets take a look see...
Whats the ass mileage on that thing, Phukyanks? LOL

Jayduane and Thomaschong usually car pool, which is fine, if one of you or some friends are driving.
Ha. Your mom still drives you around? Keep your hands to yourself guys or we will have to pull this car over.

How could I forget Omnitone. I think we all know how he gets around.
Oh damn, that bus is extra short.

Thats all got. Over and out.

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