Ebaums and changes in the internet

I remember the first time I came to EBW, it was a decade ago before social media destroyed the internet, and you didn't have Youtube to look up everything.  There were no comments on videos and the flash animation was crude and funny.  This site really went downhill.  It sucks.  I miss when Stileproject grossed me out and wasn't just a user shared porn site, and when Ogrish introduced me to beheading amongst other things.  Everything is just a lot of the same.  I'm fucking sick to death of zombies and shitty pop music.  I want the days of Mystery porn and Space People back.  I used to troll chathouse and stuff like that as a teen, while everyone else was trying to hookup, and it was funny.  No one gave a damn about cyber bullying and it was all in good fun.  People need to relax on this stuff.

Sometimes I feel like everything on the internet is imploding, and eventually there's only going to be 4 websites.  It all gives me a very sad boner.
Uploaded 12/25/2012
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