Ebaum's Drawing Contest - Some Idiots Need Reading Class

I'm happy that so many people submitted their entries for my drawing contest. Many are masterpieces. The contest is very popular and I guess the people who try to fit in too hard wanted to whore for some attention as well. It appears that some morons are too dumb to understand the rules.

1. Bandwagon shit like Rin or TheNaxx should READ THE RULES before copying the people who posted their drawings. If you would read blogs written by actual writers before posting your faggot-ass drama comments, maybe you would have noticed that if you want to submit an entry for the contest, you have to upload it on Ebaumsworld. The entries uploaded on photobucket, tinypic, imageshack and other image sharing websites are disqualified. Later, you need to include the "nekoisbeautiful' tag. This way I can have a list of all entries, so that none are going to be omitted.

2. It's a DRAWING contest. This means you submit a DRAWING, not use a photoshop filter or paste some things from other photos onto my avatar photo. DRAW!!!!!! You can use graphic software like photoshop or MS Paint, or any other program you want. As long as you DRAW your Neko Portrait.

3. As I've said, I (that's ME!) will choose the winner. So any faggot who says "we have a winner" or "this is the leading entry" should shut the fuck up. You're not part of the jury. 


For those interested in what are my favorite entries so far, you'll know that in the finals

Uploaded 09/01/2011
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