Ebaum's Fuelled by Hate

I enjoyed my little visit here at eBaum's World. I met some interesting characters and learned something new. I'm not saying the people here are not good people, most are, but the motivation to read a blog and in some cases to write one is based predominately on hate. When I wrote my disgraceful blogs on male homosexuality it received a lot of attention in views and comment section. Some people through their disdain of me were even  inspired to write blogs about me. One, with some success, even tried to have people ignore me when they discovered both my diction and debating abilities were far out of their range.   

The admin got into the action by not even letting me use attractive thumbnails because they felt it mislead the viewers and gave me hits I would have otherwise not received. Considering these sites are based on views, their decision was solely based on a new found hate for me. Understandable, but extremely short sighted. 

This phenomenon  is best demonstrated by Shylilazn, as she overtime has created a kind of anti-fan club. She can write about anything purposely full of nonsense, half truths or some silly lie about herself and the "Haters" flock to it and actually partake in her silly game. They are getting their daily dose of hate it would seem. Shylilazn is a master and seems to enjoy herself thoroughly with all her little play things. She keeps it all in balance by every once in a while writing something that leaves her vulnerable as to let her puppets think they got a jab in at her.  She's the puppeteer and she's pulling all the strings fuelled by peoples hatred.

I suppose, I too could proceed in the Shylilazn Punch and Judy Blogsphere Brain Twist, but it is not my way. I did try to engage the viewers with a warm and lovely story, my preferred brand, but it garnered little interest. That's when I realized this site is fuelled with hate. Without some element to stir some raw emotional hatred  there simply is  little or no interest.  If I stick to my guns on controversial issues and not once in a while act like an idiot to let all the "Haters" get their licks in, they will ignore me and intelligent discourse is unattainable. I'll leave that tactic to Master Shylilazn. 

Uploaded 08/12/2012
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