ebaums rep pointsprises, my take

forgive my spelling... but yea spellig wasn't the point of this one

every coment is 3 points... fuck yea i'm gonna win big.. hahaha do the math on that shit it'll take like hella years of doing this daily to win the lowest prize
1440 minutes a day, one comment per minute, 3 points per comment= 4320 points for comment videos non stop for 24 hours.. each minute.. .and add 1 point per video/item watched/looked at... and that gives us= 5760 points a day... 24 hours... nonstop viewing/comment per minute
lowest prize is 50,000 points
at 5760 points maximum per day it'll take you 8.6 days to get the lowest prize... hmm interesting.. this is for like the crazy non stop person... which does not exsist... soo i'm going to make the average average...
i make about oh i don't know 300 or less points perday watching and commenting NOT UPLOADING
so here is how long it'll take me to get the lowest prize 166 days... and that prise sucks... so i'm going to move to the prise that intrests me, the xps laptop... because frankly most people already have all the other shit or don't want it.. like a telescope? wtf... and most of the other stuff is something you already own as it is like a game station/mp3... anyway the lap top is 1530000 points and making around 300 points a day gives you 5100 days to get the first worthwhile prize which is 13 years for dipshits who didn't understand the math... but that is ONLY by watching and commenting... so for the people that upload alot it would obviously be alot shorter amount of time but not by much ... so it all depends..

 and quicktime files aren't supported... wtf... could someone tell me how to convert my apv. and quicktime movie files to something ebaums does support? like wmv.. i have vista does it have something on it already?

Uploaded 08/11/2008
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