Ebaums turning to shit quickly...

As a dedicated ebaums user for about 4 years am I very disappointed to see this site go the way it has been going... It seems that ebaum is growing increasingly apathetic to the members on this site and neglects to ensure any quality control at all. I'm finding myself logging on less and less as the days pass and really couldn't give a shit about what is being featured. Several times now I have found that ebaum has featured videos I have posted months before and only features videos from a minority of users. I'm sure that this realization is a daily occurance with other users as well. People I see on the top 5 everyday aren't being featured at all... it seems most of the users know more about the people and news on this site than ebaum does.

Sadly, ebaum is awarding the unoriginal users which he and his girlfriend have been endlessly ranting about for the last month (maybe you should check for versions of videos added much sooner by other users rather than featuring unoriginal/old material like the rest of us are expected to). Not only that but he has decided to decrease the eRep for each video added to a measly 50 points... now I was fine with the 100 points but with most prices costing an insane 200,000 points and up it just seems like an impossible task and extreme waste of time to upload 16000 videos for a camera (though the prizes were a very kind a great idea at the start so thanks anyway but you just kind of blew the whole idea making them even harder to obtain). I was also happy before to search for original material (sometimes failing to do so, I know) and uploading it to this site but really I don't care anymore. I'm not about to upload material on to a site that is so ungrateful (considering that it is the users doing most of the work these days uploading 99% of the material on this site). Oh and I'm also finding sources telling me to beware of mallicious software while visiting this site which is fucking grand (yet another increadible feat of quality control brought to you by the dedicated ebaum).

So thanks ebaum for giving us such amazing quality on your site and not even following the basic rules which you so kindly lay down for us to follow (under punishment of profile eradication). Sorry for the bitching rant but I'm really sick of you letting us do all of the work and just randomly picking a couple videos from a jumble of uploads everyday and making money in the process. You are smart as hell though for making it so self-sufficient and keeping users active despite your ungratefulness, absolutely brilliant... Cheers but I'm done.

Uploaded 09/10/2008
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