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It has long been assumed that the majority of eBaums Users.... NOT only eBaums KinFolk....but Internet Users on the whole, are nothing more than people with way to much time on their hands.... Let me try to put this into perspective.... I work 9 hours a day....MINIMUM.. I get home and take my daughter to the farm where she stables her horse.... spend as much time as is possible with her before I have to go home and write my shit up from the day I've had..... When I am done....I bathe and relax and then I like to spend a few hours on eBaumsWorld..... Not for the dickheads who do nothing but bitch about everything that they cannot or will not do but for the genuine users... and I know there are many many of them. I like to upload stuff if it makes me laugh I know it will make many others Life is only as good as we make it and I mean this in a not so Preacher like way... I just mean that before you need to bitch about something on here that you dont like... Think about the reasons that that certain user uploaded it.... It may not seem that funny or meaningful to you but hell.... it meant something to them. Moral of the story.....

We all like different stuff.

I personally have never rated anything as a 1 star unless it was some kind of spam stuff...... any genuine user no matter what status deserves that chance to get featured on eBaums.... Without the NoobS we would decay fast.... Everyone is equal here on eBaums....

Uploaded 05/23/2008
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