eBaumsGirls Christmas Gallery

Thank you to the lovely eBaumsGirls who have sent their pictures for the eBaumsGirls Christmas Gallery!

I've been getting plenty of great feedback about the idea of the eBaumsGirls Christmas Gallery, BUT I have only got a handfull of the pictures so far!

So whether you have been Naughty or Nice this year, make sure you at least get on the list! All you need is a camera and some Christmas Spirit! ...and preferably female reproductive organs, although I have been asked to consider ALL submissions if they are worthy!

Also guys... Many of the girls seem to need some positive reinforcement. There seems to be a lot of skepticism that the guys will make snide remarks so we need to show that for every snide remark, there's us perverts gentlemen that truely appreciate the finer of our species.

So girls, be creative and make sure Santa notices you this year. Make it Nice. Or Naughty, it's up to you.

PM me when you have the pic, and I'll do my part to make sure Santa notices you this year! I'm going to put it together Wednesday so make sure I get it before then!

Thanks in advanced,


Uploaded 12/14/2008
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