Ebaumsworld Cheats and Tricks 3

A lot of people have asked me about the multiple thumbs trick. Getting many thumbs up from one account is one of the oldest tricks known on this website. There were multiple ways of doing it and the effects varied.

Basically, there are 3 methods.

1. The 6 minutes after feature trick.

This one has already been fixed. You probably remember people getting over 1000 thumbs up on their comments. Since it always occured around 5 or 6 minutes after the new feature showing up on the main page, a lot of trolls figured it out as well, so any geek could use the trick, especially when some people couldn't wait for the next feature to arrive just to show how special they are and that they know the trick. Just like 20 other people commenting with them at the same time, thumbing the shit out of their own comments. It was caused by the website's flaw in coding and occured because of a server lag. The website's coders got rid of this glitch somewhere in the middle of 2010.

2. Fast clicking.

Another trick was to click very fast and sometimes you got more than one thumb up this way. As you have probably noticed, when you thumb up/down on the current script, the thumb icon disappears. The smart coders probably wanted to make it impossible to click more than once.

3. Thumb script cheat.

But how come Neko gets so many thumbs up sometimes? 30 alts? Seriously? Either that or...

Everybody on this website probably know that I'm not only gorgeous. I'm also very smart. What to do when the thumb button doesn't show up? Fuck it! You don't need to click on it if you know it's code.

Find the comment you want to thumb up or down and click the 'link comment' option.

You should get something like this

Now add

/script=thumbpos    (thumbs up)


/script=thumbneg   (thumbs down)

Now we need to add this magic part


The trick about it is, looping is using the same script multiple times. After a few moments the site blocks your account from giving another thumb to the same comment, so you can close the page right after posting the code. It won't do you any good from this point.

Let's put this into practice, shall we?

How about that. 7 thumbs down in one second? And it's as effective with thumbing up your own comment. You're welcome

MrsNekoJeans, The Troll Slayer and Brilliant Coder

Uploaded 07/24/2011
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