Ebaumsworld is becoming a community

And i mean that in the worst way possible. Way back in the day ebaumsworld was just some nameless site that had good videos and lots of assholes. Now its much worse. People are becoming "close" with people they don't even know. You can say you know them, but you fucking don't. Ellimem is not your buddy you don't know him. Anyone can be whomever they want on the internet. That is why people talk trash and have no fear of any ramifications. We live thousands of miles apart why the fuck would you be desperate enough to try to create "friends" with each other. This fucking site is so consumed with its own imaginary world. How did this happen. It was just a site with some good videos and lots of people that hated each other. Now ebaumsworld is full of ads and piss heads that sit at their computers all day at age 40 and dive into this world, ebaumsworld, and trys to talk to people and make comments and actually care about something they shouldn't care about at all! For christ sake a 15 year old girl could become best pals with a 60 year old man on here and noone would know. This whole situation is fucked up. I urge you all to dis - band; you don't have to become bitter just don't act like you are friends. Mommy didn't give out the necessary number of hugs for you i guess.


There are actually people out their seeking fame on ebaumsworld and those who have it love it. That my friend is pathetic to have such a need to be wanted or remembered or made important or whatever your subconscious motive is it doesn't matter much anyways. It still makes me sick. I am not saying i want everyone to go back to hating the shit out of each other, but don't become this. People love to be anonymous. It lets them have absolute freedom of speech. Why are people talking to other people and commenting around with each other as if they were friends. You aren't friends! None of you are friends. If you plan on inviting eastside dave to your birthday party go ahead. Wouldn't that seem just a tad strange though. So please stop being douche bags.


The best example of all of this is a newer user by the name of HaUmight. Apparently she is getting surgery or some shit. Well you know what you are about to read will piss many people off. I DONT CARE. Sure its never good to have surgery, it might be life threatening, she might die, or she may just be making this all up for attention noone knows. She probably is having the surgery and she might die from what i understand, but i have no connection to her and none of you should unless you actually know her, have u spent at least a day with her in real life and talked to HER. There is no reason to be gathering around her giving her support and calling her brave and praying for her. That is what she wants. She must have wanted the word to get out she wants this pity and wants this attention. There is no counter - argument thats the way it is. People who update us on their lives like that it is wrong. We shouldn't want to know we have a lives of our own and should be happy living them. People who go to the internet like she did just want a pity parade. I won't give it to her. If a blog does tell about your life make it interesting or funny. HaUmight noone here is going to your funeral and if anyone actually does well thats even worse. Noone defend her. I am attacking her, not you. YOU HAVE NO CONNECTION TO HER NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU THINK YOU DO. She can answer me herself if she catches wind of my blog. We are turning into one of those corny communitites where everyone knows everyone and we are all happy and blah blah BLAH. stop.

Uploaded 11/30/2008
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