eBone Whoring To The Max?

I don't mind the dumb asses who spam hundreds of pics a day, shitty re-posts that were old even in 2008. There's a lot of people like that here. And a lot more who steal shit from other websites and upload it here en masse - which is basically their only activity on this site. But this is crossing the line.

Yesterday, an eBone whore under the name of Kojastilez, known mostly for posting over 16 000 (yes, sixteen thousand) single pics for which he got millions of eBones without getting one thing featured pissed me off. Apparently the redesign also means another great thing - the girls and mature sections aren't welcome anymore. Clearly, posting hundreds of pics of half-naked girls isn't giving as many points as it used to, because the eBone whore Koja decided to spam other sections with his crap. Sure, upload something valuable. But no.... The retard posts a ton of galleries with old re-posts. He makes TheNaxx look good with that shit. It's not that this angered me though.

That piece of shit copypasted some article yesterday and posted it to the blog section. MY blog section! The place where people write original articles and share their thoughts. The moron didn't even check on his re-post - it was scrambled and the font wasn't supported. Most of it was illegible. It seems like he only cut part of it.

If you're reading this, Koja, stay away from here unless you have something interesting to say and it's your own article. There's been people like you here already. I know you need money, but how about you get a job instead of whoring for the points - that's a mere few hundred bucks at best you're getting. Better go pick some fruits or mow a lawn instead of posting shitty reposts everyday for months. 16 hundred uploads? Seriously? No? It's 17450 already? How much is the rent for your parents' basement? Maybe the users would chip in for it, so you don't have to flood the sections with your crap

Uploaded 06/28/2012
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