EBW Atheist Clique: Harassers, Bullies, TOS Breakers.

(THIRD upload as they even flag this blog)

I understand UsedCarMan is busy, which is why i have emailed this letter to EBW directly. Thought i would post it as a blog too.

Almost everything i upload gets flagged by a certain group of people, for no legitimate reason

People seem to upload whatever they like, like hundreds of galleries slandering religion, which i do not flag. But when i upload something in defence of religion, or of religious perspective, or something which could harm these peoples agenda, then it is immediately flagged by these same people.

For instance, i uploaded some "theistic predilections" galleries, which was completely innocuous and did not even center around attacking atheists, like the atheist galleries do against religion. Each gallery was flagged two or three times, requiring constant re-upload. Today i uploaded a gallery publishing some statistics and facts - all from reputable sources and with no opinion inserted - pertaining to homosexuality. It is immediately flagged by rin, and stabatron, who claim it is "hate", and admit to flagging it in the comments.

I contact UCM and upload it again, UCM has not logged in in 9 hours and again my content is flagged within two minutes.

This amounts to harassment and bullying, blatant misuse of the flag button, and consistent breaking of TOS.

This clique seem to believe it is they who decide what content gets uploaded to EBW, and anything against their set agenda gets flagged. They do this with impunity as, frankly, the admins here are incompetent. You have even gone so far as to give rin - one of the main abusers of the flag feature - whitelisting so that her own content cannot be flagged.

All i ask is for you to stand up for your own TOS, and warn these people, give a penalty for misuse of the flag function, or give me some protection.
Uploaded 08/09/2013
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